Here Now Meta Weekend

Best Weekend of the Year

Worship service at METAOur youth group participated in META (short for Metamorphosis) with Apex Baptist Church again this year. Check out our report service or the recap slideshow to see more of what all we did.

It was an incredible weekend of fun activities, worship, and Bible study.  A special thanks goes out to John and Judy Ogden for letting us use their house as our base of operations. It was the perfect place for us to all gather, play games, eat, and do our group sessions.  Oh, and yes, to sleep too.

The weekend started off with the opening service at Apex Baptist Church. After some great music, Clayton King talked about how important it is to follow Jesus here and now instead of waiting until we are older or have other life changing moments. He used the story of Zacchaeus to show how Christ is here for each of us individually and how when we follow him, we can change here and now.

Playing Knockerball

Saturday was full of two worship services and a lot of fun in between.  We went to Cary Towne Center and played Knockerball. We had a blast crashing into one another and playing soccer.  You have to give this a try sometime. After Knockerball, we went to Milk Lab to try some rolled ice cream.

The important part of this weekend was the fact that our youth group all came closer together and, even more importantly, came closer to God. Here and Now is the time to change and follow Jesus. Several of our youth made commitments and decisions to do just that. It’s not too late for you to do that too. Talk with Pastor Jimmy or with me if you have any questions or if you want to just talk about your relationship with Christ.

Now, it’s time to take a nap.

Worn out, but blessed,