What MBC Means to Our Members

Our family joined Macedonia Baptist in the fall of 2015 after 10 years of periodic searching for a local church. Our oldest daughter, attended The Children’s Place, from 2010-2015 and although we visited several times it was not until she started Kindergarten that we began regularly attending. My husband and I came from different denominational backgrounds which made our search difficult. The difficulty was compounded from the sense of not being able to find a church that measured up to previous church homes. I continue to be astounded at how quickly we felt at home and became part of the MBC family. There is so much love from this church’s congregation. We quickly have become involved in several areas including the Children’s Program. One of my favorite parts of each week is the Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal. It’s a great opportunity midweek to be reminded of God’s love and be encouraged by a body of believers. If you are considering visiting, please do. We would love to have you!
~ Kyle, Whitney, Emma Claire, and Cate Rodgers


The members of MBC have served as my extended family for almost three decades. I have seen preachers come and preachers go over the years, but there has always been a wonderful group of people serving God at MBC. These members have provided a mechanism of support to me through a divorce, the rearing of my two daughters, the death of my mother, and the early birth of my only grandchild. I do not have any immediate family in the area, but I have never felt alone because of my MBC family. I cannot even list all other kindness that has been extended to me over the years. Instead of being isolated in a hospital waiting room by myself members arrived in the middle of the night and stayed by my side for days. People working at the hospital thought I had a lot of relatives in the area. I honestly do not know what I would have done without the prayers from the members of MBC. My children have many good memories of Wednesday night activities, summer campus, and the annual Christmas Candlelight services. It has been rewarding to raise children together, share weddings together, and now having grandchildren together. It feels right, a circle of life in God’s House. going to church is like coming home… a safe place… a place filled with love. I know I have been blessed to be a part of a church family that really does care about its members.
~Trudy Clark


Macedonia is just right for me and my family because it feels like home. My husband and I started going to MBC after we got married. We did not know anyone at the church. Someone told us we should try it. Everyone was so nice and welcomed us with open arms. After attending a couple of times, we knew we had found the right church. We felt like we had been there all our lives. Macedonia has something for everyone in our family. Besides Sunday School, MBC has various Bible studies, mission projects, and other ways to get involved in church life. There are a lot of activities for our 3 sons which include Sunday School, Wednesday Night Activities, Choir, and various missions and other activities all year long. The congregation and church staff aren’t just people we go to church with, they are like a second family. Church members care about one another and look out for each other. You can really see and feel God’s love at MBC. our family couldn’t imagine going to church anyone else.
~Jeff, Susan, Jake, Max, and Spencer Allen


Macedonia Baptist Church is perfect for me! I’ve been going to MBC since I was born. It’s an amazing church, from the perfect size to the people who make it.! I feel like I can always go to church and talk to anyone about anything I’m struggling with, whether it’s my faith or just an everyday problem. The size of the church is just right so you can have a relationship with everyone. I know and love everyone that goes to church and that’s one of the main reasons MBC is a great church. Also, I’m always excited to go to church and praise God with the kind of Christian that come here. This is why Macedonia Baptist Church is perfect for me!
~Lizzie Montague