What We Believe

Creating Closer Connections

. . . with Christ
. . . with church family
. . . with community


To glorify God and to build up God’s Kingdom by:

  • worshipping God both personally and corporately,
  • praying with and for each other regularly,
  • engaging in/with biblical study, preaching, and teaching,
  • personally sharing the Gospel message with others and making, teaching, and equipping new disciples,
  • engaging in both local and global outreach and missions opportunities,
  • offering love, friendship, fellowship, support, and encouragement to each other in practical ways,
  • using our time, spiritual gifts, abilities, and resources to serve both our church family and community.


  • Praying fervently
  • Worshipping God wholeheartedly
  • Studying God’s Word seriously
  • Sharing Jesus willingly
  • Bringing others consistently
  • Attending regularly
  • Showing up energetically
  • Loving radically
  • Fellowshipping purposefully
  • Encouraging faithfully
  • Serving sacrificially
  • Volunteering joyfully
  • Giving generously

Disciples’ Pathway

Connecting with Christ by:

engaging in personal and corporate prayer, Bible study, and worship.

Connecting with Church Family by:

participating in fellowship meals, Bible study groups, and Life groups, and by serving in ministry teams.

Connecting with Community by:

participating in outreach projects, events, and groups, by participating in mission projects and fftrips, and by engaging in personal disciple-making efforts – both sharing our faith with others and mentoring new disciples in the faith.

Growing To Spiritual Maturity While Achieving Our Purposes