There is a Small Group Bible Study for You

From infants to senior adults, there is a place for you in a small group Bible study at MBC.  Small groups provide the benefits of in-depth Bible study, weekly fellowship with other Christians, and a support group for Christian growth.  All of these areas help us with today’s challenges as we apply Christian beliefs to our daily lives.

For our preschoolers and children, we have age-graded classes led by loving teachers.  The children’s curriculum provides a basic foundation of Christian truths and principles, presented using discussion, crafts, and multi-media approaches specifically designed for the various children’s age groups.  The lesson material parallels the adult studies so that student take-home materials can be used to promote discussion of the same Christian principles at home as the adults are studying.

Our Youth (7th through 12th grade) meet in the Youth House for Bible study each Sunday.

This study encourages youth to learn, experience, and grow in Christ; strengthen their faith; and increase their knowledge of God’s Word.  The curriculum uses various forms of media that can appeal to varying learning styles.  Each lesson allows for an in-depth discussion in both large and small group settings.  Our youth leaders encourage questions and open discussion as a positive means of helping each student grow in their faith.

The adult groups use the Explore the Bible curriculum.

This curriculum is a book-by-book study of the Bible that takes participants deep into the context of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their daily lives.  Our adult groups are roughly age-graded, however, the guiding principle is to choose the group where you are most comfortable.  Other than a Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s group, the adult classes are co-ed.  Our adult teachers are strongly committed to helping participants understand the Christian concepts being taught and apply them in their daily lives.

Studying God’s word in a fellowship setting is a great way to get connected with other people.  Sunday school is one of the primary ways of helping individuals gain a solid foundation for knowing God, for building a relationship with Jesus Christ, and for growing in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Come join one of our classes each Sunday morning at 9:45 am.