Deacons serve a vital role in both the spiritual and administrative areas of our church. Deacons are servant leaders and are committed to helping our church members in any way whether spiritually, physically, or emotionally.

The deacon body in our church has developed a “flock” system where each deacon has a group of families in his/her flock. Although the deacon serves the whole church, the families in the flock are their main focus. If you ever need something from a deacon, please call on your assigned deacon or any other deacon that you can contact.

The current deacon flock assignments by last name are listed below:

Cathy-Ruth Collins
Families: A – Bea

Rose Austin
Families: Ber – Bz

Tony Withers
Families: C – Ch

Tim Ritter
Families: Cl – Cz

Sherri Montague
Families: D – Edwards, Melanie

Jamey Crumpler
Families: Edwards, Stewart – Holl

Joy Lucas
Families: Holm – Johnson, Andy

Ramey Beavers
Families: Johnson, Tommy – Li

Ellen Scott
Families: Lo – Mi

Donna Robertson
Families: Mo – Mz

Joy Lucas is covering  Families: N – Ri

Joyce Coats
Families: Ro – Sha

Kyle Rodgers
Families: She – Sto

Joy Lucas is covering Families: Su – War

Greg Stone
Families: Was – Z