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Our Philosophy

At The Children’s Place, we seek to nurture each child with the love of Jesus Christ and create for him or her, a Christ-Centered educational environment where each child can learn and grow.

Our Commitment

  1. Help children grow in awareness of and experience God’s love for them through loving relationships with staff and other children;
  2. Strengthen Christian values and faith through weekly chapel time, modeling, Bible stories and prayer;
  3. Encourage children helping them to develop a healthy self-esteem;
  4. Assist children in the growth of trust, independence, confidence and initiative;
  5. Demonstrate that school and church are safe, happy environments;
  6. Lead children in the exploration of the world around them discovering science, nature, weather, space, animals, and the passing of seasons;
  7. Stimulate the development of small muscle groups through art, puzzles, blocks, computers, and other learning activities;
  8. Stimulate the development of large muscle groups through movement activities both indoor and out;
  9. Facilitate the enjoyment of creative expression through music and rhythm, arts and crafts, and role play;
  10. Develop language skills through interaction with other children, teachers, and literature;
  11. Prepare children to enter kindergarten.
  12. Most importantly, it is our goal to be an open demonstration of God’s love as we assist you, your child, and your family.
The Children's Place of Macedonia Baptist Church