What We Believe

Macedonia Baptist Church Purpose Statement

Our purpose is promoting and nurturing spiritual growth within our
congregation as well as sharing Christ’s love in the community and world
through service, teaching, and developing disciples in the name of the
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Macedonia Baptist Church Vision Statement

We are a united and loving family of Christian believers:

• Actively taking the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the various
cultures in our community and the world;
• Guiding and nurturing our members to their full potential as children
of God;
• Continually challenging all members to use their time, talents,
gifts, and resources to the service of God within the church, the
community, and the world;
• Joyfully praising and worshiping God individually and collectively; and
• Supporting and rejoicing with each other in a spirit of Christian

Macedonia Baptist Church Core Values

Biblical Preaching and Teaching

We value the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and we will faithfully
preach and teach its eternal life-transforming truths through our worship
and small groups.


We value discipleship and continually seek God’s will, strengthen our faith
in Jesus Christ, and demonstrate His love and teachings. We encourage
the growth and development of Christian leaders to identify and use their
spiritual gifts in service to the church and others.


We believe that through the Holy Spirit, God is directing each of us to lead
others to have faith in Jesus Christ. It is our job to reach actively outside
our church walls to share Christ with both those who do not know him and
those who want to renew or strengthen their faith.


We value the power of Christian fellowship to strengthen families, foster
friendships, enable people to find their purpose with God, and provide
encouragement and support for one another. Through our relationship
with Jesus Christ, we demonstrate God’s love, grace, and forgiveness with


We value honoring God by responsibly managing the time, talent, and
resources He has blessed us with. Therefore, we are committed to sharing
Jesus’ love with others and will lead our church family to be actively
involved in missions, locally and globally.


We value worship, for it gives God the glory He alone deserves.
Worshiping God includes communicating with Him in prayer as a means
of building a closer relationship with Him. Together, worship and prayer
undergird every aspect of church life